Codename Reality is the first ever MMOPEG - Massively Multiplayer Online Persistent Entity Game. The representation of a realistic fantasy-medieval realm in which your actions shape the world. You define the story and as such your future is completely up to you.

  • Select from over 30 races and 20 professions

  • Non Playing Characters driven by powerful AI

  • Diverse handling of Death Mechanics

  • Shape the game's story with your own hands

  • Extensive character customisation

  • Enjoy deep terraforming mechanics


Designed by gamers who wanted to make a living and breathing world, we started off by re-designing the very foundation of MMOs: Creating a world, not a game. We are putting immersion as the prime factor in every design choice, and intend to provide you with the experience that we felt lacking in our childhood. A world that feels as alive as what you see outside, but where you can be what you choose to be.


"Your project's description is the closest I've seen so far to the game I'm looking most forward to"

"This Game is going to be Awesome!! First time I ever heard of a game like this"

"Taking the first step into a broader world"

"This game will blow people's minds!!"

"A passionate and resolute team with a goal"

"You have something really big, and anyone who takes the time to read and envision this can clearly understand that"



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