Codename Reality gives you a realistic and dynamic experience where you can make and shape the world. We started with a dream and we have combined it with years of experience in gaming and game development, allowing us to finally reach a state where we have the skills to build our dream. Codename Reality is a realistic fantasy/medieval realm in which your actions shape the world. In other words, we have provided you with the possibility to create its history.

We have redesigned the NPC system to better intergrate with the realistic feeling and along with this, the death mechanic is more aligned with permanent death than with the classical MMOPRG death system. You define the storyline and as such your future is completely up to you. However, with great potential comes great risk. Players can be harsh, and the same goes for the Realm itself. Only those with the skills to predict the consequences of their actions will succeed. Can you rise to the occasion and thrive in the Realm, or will your actions lead to the demise of you and your allies?

It is time to redefine the MMO genre. It is time to change the non-playable characters into simulated characters. It is time for Codename Reality.


MMOPEG (Massively multiplayer online persistent entity game):

An online persistent world in which a very large number of players and simulated characters shape the entire world through their actions.


Normally, MMOs or MMORPGs in particular, are set in a fixed world with a storyline and an end-game. In contrast, a persistent world “continues to exist and develop internally even when there are no people interacting with it” (Richard Bartle). This radical change will impact the gaming world and the way we experience massively multiplayer online games as they are now. Both NPCs and players have an identical set of possible actions. The direct and indirect effects of each of those actions can shape the world for better or for worse. The world gets its shape, its history, and its future from the choices that you make.


Death gives meaning to life; death is permanent regardless of where it happens. Your heritage is preserved through your will and name, but your soul is lost forever. When you die, your soul disconnects from your body. If you can avoid the Reapers hunting you down, a medium can re-connect you to your body. Failing to do so means the end of your character. However, the Reapers will remain lurking, awaiting your imminent death.


There are a few ways to hide yourself from the Reapers, though none will be cheap. The only certain way to prevent the loss of your soul is the Spirit ink tattoo, although there is no easy way of finding the resources needed for such a powerful spell. One misstep and you will be lost to the Reapers forever.


Codename Reality gives you an opportunity other games do not: every single page in the history books is an action of the characters. There is no storyline or history set for you. Every legendary city, folk tale and heroic saga could be yours. We have provided you with a Realm waiting to be conquered.


So who will you be, and what will you do? Are you an innkeeper on top of the highest mountain? Will you become a renowned hero children look up to? Or is a hero’s tale not for you and will you murder your way into power?


Not only do you have the ability to create history, you also get to shape the world. Nothing will be readily built for you. If you want to live in a house, it’s up to you to build it. This is a single Realm that will change and evolve over time. A Realm where raiding a dungeon leaves that dungeon void of treasure. Where eradicating a species causes no man to ever see one again.


The choice is up to you, the consequences are yours to deal with; can you? Are you ready to decide who rules the army, which guild is the most powerful, even change the economic system? Can you make the right decision and flourish your guild, or will you make the wrong one and cause a disaster of epic proportions? This Realm is yours to take. It is up to you what happens to it.


With a new genre defined by its persistency comes a new design of the non-playable characters in the world. They are no longer simple bankers doing their job every hour of every day. Simulated Characters can log in and out, plunder dungeons, build cities, or even deliver a player-versus-player combat experience. Similar to Player Characters, every Simulated Character will have their own preferences, ideals, goals, and standards. The SC is a vital element to the immersive and persistent Realm we strive to deliver.


As beautiful and amazing as this sounds, heed our warning. SCs are bound to the same rules of the Realm as you are. They, just like you, can die and lose their soul, thus having them fight for your cause will take time, effort, and loyalty. Be that, the SCs live their own life and do as they please, whether that be participating in massive battles, or baking a loaf of bread. How you interact with the SC will be vital in convincing them to help you out, but there is no guarantee they will. Do you have the communication skills and leadership qualities to succeed?


Wonder how this all could ever work on computers of the current day and age (warning: technical)? We are using a foundation of a HFSM combined with a GOAP decision-making algorithm to allow the SCs to set their actions days or weeks in advance, while still allowing them to be interrupted at any point in time. Long-term planning gives us the possibility to schedule their mind-states dependent on the load of the server. SCs currently in combat can be switched to another server which has a lower total count of SCs per server allowing for continuous updating of their state and decisions. This allows for the other SCs to keep enough computation time available for any other kind of interaction. Long-distance pathfinding is done on a voronoi path diagram, whereas real-time pathfinding algorithms are executed on a peer-to-peer basis removing almost all pathfinding load from the servers.


With death being a potential result of a single decision, Codename Reality provides the ultimate test to your leadership, strategy, and management skills. You can no longer simply ask an NPC to deliver your goods from city A to city B, not having to worry about it. The SC could decide to steal your goods, get raided or even die along the way. Those of you that can lead an army of hundreds will be able to succeed in one of the toughest strategy systems known to MMOs thus far. Keeping all your guild members happy is something only the most social of you will succeed at.


The question is: will you lead others, or do you prefer to do your own thing? It does not matter, you decide your own path. Your skills and talents will lead you to your destiny, allowing people to put their trust in you. However, if you prefer to play on your own, then that is possible too. You don't have to interact with the other players, in fact you can rely solely on the SCs to help you out. After all, someone is more likely to help out a friend, which applies to Simulated Characters just as much as it does to Player Characters.


Regardless of the type of person you are, information is and always will be a very valuable commodity. The decision whether you keep it to yourself or share it with the world is completely up to you. So, will you enjoy a nice cold drink in the inn of your own guild’s town at the end of the day, or will you spend that time lying in the forest in your favourite spot, unknown to the rest of the world?