(Art by Alyssa Barry)


Rekke clopped across the mountain path, blatantly ignoring his sister throwing pebbles at the back of his head. “STUPIDSAYSWHAT.” His younger brother yelled as fast as he possibly could to the point where words became an incoherent jumble. “What?” Questioned Aunt Reicia. As the younger herd members fell about laughing, Rekke assumed that an incoherent jumble was rather the point, and they were simply waiting for someone to call ‘What’. Being the eldest of 8, he really didn’t get his octuplets. He finally got sick of his sisters rock antics and flicked a rock back at her with his hoof, hitting her on the shoulder. “OWWWW! MUUUUMMM REKKE HIT MEEEEEE.” Their mom sighed, rolled her eyes, and glared at Rekke. He became immediately indignant. “CARRI STARTED IT! I WAS IGNORING IT FOR THE LAST TEN MINUTES LIKE YOU SAID I SHOULD.” Feeling like he might be right, but not having any proof, their mum pulled Carri in for a hug and kept her close. “Rekke, stick with your dad up front will you? I’ll have a chat with your sister..”


Rekke jumped off the cliff and down to where his father was. His hooves glowed golden as he made the landing, causing a minor tremor around him. “REKKE!” His father exclaimed. “Be careful with that. You could have started a landslide!” Rekke pouted. “I just can't seem to do anything right today.” He grumbled under his breath. His ears folded down in exasperation when he heard a chorus of “MUUUUMMMMMMM. ARE WE THEERREEEEE YEETTTTTT?!”

“Fortunately Rekke, you’re still the one we have the least amount of trouble with. Now, come here and tell me what you see.” His father held out his arm and Rekke went under it, pulling his dad’s arm around his shoulders. On the horizon in front of them there was a grassland stretching out far and wide, leaving the view open to one of the quietest oceans they’ve ever seen. The people had recently built a citadel there and the path towards the cave was still under construction. They almost arrived at their destination. Knowing what his father wanted him to see, he looked up with a smug but happy smile,“Money!” They had nearly reached the purchasers of the goods they were transferring, and they did so without losing a single piece. “Yes my son.” He gave out a happy chuckle and hugged him closer. “Money indeed.”