(Art by Alice Boewe)


Through the window of the carriage, roses and the daffodils stretched out over the grass next to the driveway belonging to Arya. The sun was dipping towards the horizon and not a single cloud hung in the sky. Here and there, a windmill stuck out from the rolling hills, and Arya took a moment to appreciate the sight farmers working on her land. She provided food and shelter to those who needed it, and they maintained the land and helped support the estate in return.


She was headed to the city in order to personally retrieve a custom order for a golden necklace inlaid with a brilliant cut ruby. The goldsmith ensured her that she would be able to request any last-minute changes to the setting, and she intended to reward the man greatly for his efforts.

It was nice to get out of the mansion every now and then. The farmland, the forests, and the windmills surrounding her mansion, albeit very practical and beautiful, gave her the same view every day.


The goldsmith had exceeded her expectations. She could picture the necklace matching her evening gown perfectly, and she rewarded him with a fitting tip. On the way back to the mansion, she overheard a baker plead angrily with an older man. “You can’t just fire me! I have a wife and kids to take care of, and I have worked from dusk ‘til dawn every single day for as long as I have lived here!” The despair in his voice carried over the murmuring of the crowd around the scene. “I can and I most certainly will. There are four of you, and only one is working. Now stop making such a scene and pack your things before I throw them out.”


Arya commanded the driver to make way towards the man, and upon arrival, provided him the same option she had given plenty families before: the magical contract unique to her kind. A contract that, provided that every person capable of work, living and eating off of her resources, would work in order to provide to the community. The contract also provided them with a house on her land and that that house would be the only shelter they would have. It was a long-going tradition, and Arya was happy she could provide someone else with this opportunity. The man…

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