Endorsement Letter



Here we list all websites and creators of any items that are being used in-game. If we cannot list creators of any assets we will label the website and asset purchased, please refer to the website for further details.


All licenses are under license from the corresponding websites or creators and are subject to those terms and conditions. We follow all terms and conditions set out by the corresponding vendor or seller/creator.


We all thank you greatly at Orode Productions for helping us build and create a dream.


If there is a website or creator either incorrectly listed or not yet listed in this list, it is either a recently added or a recently removed website or creator.



Internal team:

Joey van Gangelen - Project Lead

Ross Thomas McShane McEwan - Design Lead

Hanna Nijdam - 2D Art Lead

Campbell Flood - Audio Lead

Michael Peter - Test Lead

Darek Ciechacki - Code Lead

Daniel Pope - Project Manager

Gonzalo Fuentes - 3D Art Lead

Ace Red Wong - Designer

Alexandre VinSang - 3D Artist

Alexandru Docan - Programmer

Andrés Hernández - Composer

Antoni Andras-Emil - Designer

Asen Galabov - Furniture design

Bob Suurling - Architectural design

Bogdan Trofin - Programmer

Chris Feller - Tester

Chris Rabideau - Programmer

Connor Monk - 2D Artist

Darius Scott - Programmer

Devon Mazza - Designer

John Scimeca - Animator

José Rubens Kassai - Composer

Kris McNaney - Composer

Malakiah Santos - 2D Artist

Michael Troke - Tester

Mike Cotopolis - 2D Artist

Nienke Verstraaten - Designer

Simonca Robert - Designer

Serban Florea - Tester

Siegfried Schüßler - Composer

Steele Milligan - Designer

Venja Beck - Programmer

Vincent Espino - Composer


Extra mentions:

Manuel Massimo Mazzei - MXPGaming Owner


External assets:
Rexard - Icons

Evil Systems - Frozen UI

Protofactor - Heroic Fantasy Creatures Full Pack Volume 1

Free PBR Textures - Textures

Miguelangel Briceño Gutierrez - 2D artwork

Alyssa Barry - 2D artwork

Michael Naudé - Marketing

Marine212 - Short-term marketing

Znamenopisac - 2D artwork

Ae007d - Logo animation

Designer_faizy5 - Logo

VoxelFarm - Terrain generation library & Graphics framework

Jens Lemmens - 2D artwork

Audiokinetic - WWise

Microsoft - Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft - SQL Express

Microsoft - SQL Server Management Studio

Mynkow - Format document on save Visual Studio extension

Tortoise SVN - Version Control integration

CRUIZ RF - RPG Cursors

Assimp - Open Asset Import Library

CEGUI - Crazy Eddie GUI’s System

CGAL - Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

FreeGLUT - an open-source alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit library

GLEW - OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library

GLM - OpenGL Mathematics

Dino Dini - PROC Core Library

Oculus VR - RakNet

SFML - Simple and Fast Multimedia Library

Stb - single-file public domain libraries

STK - Synthesis ToolKit

Silvertm - Opuntia cactus & Nature Package

Vjacob - ofxHPVPlayer