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The direction in which you block and your timing is of vital importance. When blocking, selecting the wrong direction causes you to receive full damage and effect.

Blocking in the correct direction and timing it well can cause you to receive anywhere from mitigated damage, to no damage at all.

Tattoo System.jpg

Tattoo System

Dependant on where you place the tattoo, the effect varies. A small tattoo next to your eye might increase your accuracy, where as a shield tattoo over your entire back would propel anyone who dare hit you from behind.



The questions as old as intelligence still plague the mortal races to this day: who are we, where did we come from, what is our purpose... Since the early days of the oldest living memories mortals have had Gods to blame and thank for these things. Race to race, tribe to tribe, generation to generation these gods have collided, merged, and unraveled. All who believe know their faith is the true faith, many scholars have argued over similarities between the gods and argue many faiths unknowingly worship the same gods, others still denounce the gods as bedtime stories... the true question is, what do you believe ?



Throughout the world are ancient arches of stone, trees grown in rings and cairn posts which are said to be “spirit gates” through which a spirit may travel from the land of the dead back into the land of the living and be reunited with their body, it’s often speculated that the raw power of their soul returning is what causes the occasional seemingly miraculous regeneration of a corpse on a battlefield. Those who have returned in this manner claim to have been pursued by the minions of the abyss, and death himself, through what they could only describe as a hollow world, as though it were this one inside out.

These Spirit Gates all have one thing in common which stands out, they are covered in glyphs and runes, those who spend time examining them soon find themselves understanding them somehow, often said to be an understanding in the way fish understand swimming, it changes what they are and tilts the world they live in a few degrees off normal.

World Map.jpg

World map

The world map will be blank when you start playing. Using the Scribe skill you can draw the map from where you are. Combining maps can create a world map that you can view. This world map will be showing how the world was when it was originally drawn.


Building System

Every building starts with a foundation. Highlight the location using a blueprint and start building.

Adding planks, bricks, and other resources to the building foundation along with some labour will turn that foundation into a usable building, with you owning the deed.

Blueprints are the first step towards creating your own building. Draw one using paper and ink, and use it as a foundation wherever you want to build the building.

After placing the foundation, you can add the resources and the labour to it, and you will see your own building take shape.

The system allows you to build any building at any given time, at any location. The resources required for those buildings varies from simple logs to crystal gems and metal plates.

Being capable of obtaining the resources required, and you can obtain the blueprint to build it, the only thing remaining is the appropriate skill level labour.