Our Invitation

      Codename Reality is a huge project, which comes with its own rewards and challenges. We are currently maintaining a dedicated project team of about 30 people, and we are looking to increase this to around 55. Below you will find a complete list of every position we have available on the team. We are looking for dedicated individuals to take this journey with us. You will find we have space across most of the project to accommodate more hands. If this is something you have always wanted to do then you should pursue it: this could be a life-changing decision in the long run.

     What we ask for is a minimum commitment of a few hours each week (around 4 or 5 as a guideline), though you will find that the team members typically do more than that. We will need any potential team members to be able to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and provide proof of identity with it (so you have to be the legal age of consent in your home country). There are a few applications we will need you to create an account with, and we will pay the applicable fees. Once you have been with us a short while we will get you listed on the website and you will officially be a part of the CR family. This is not a job listing; its an invitation to join us in making Codename Reality come to life. The entire team is working on revenue share, and none of us are being paid any direct money from the project. Help us to finish the Realm, and share in the rewards.

     Interested to hear more ? Have a look at the vacancies.....


Project Lead

    We have space among the more senior positions for a Project Lead, whose job it will be to liaise with the Directors and Team Leads. The main roles of the Project Lead is to monitor the creative and development pipelines in order to assess that deadlines are being met, and that everyone is capable of delivering in their roles. The Project Lead reports directly to the Managing Director. As this Role is a little more senior there is a larger demand on hours (10h+) but also the rewards to match. The successful candidate will have good English, preferably some sort of experience, and a positive attitude to meeting deadlines.


Creative Designers

   This is perhaps the most difficult role to define. The role of Creative Designer is to create entire ecosystems which interact well with our systems and players. Codename Reality's base design is such that it requires a flexible mind to build within its parameters. Candidates should have creative writing abilities, the ability to sketch, command a good written and spoken ability with the English language, be receptive of constructive criticism, be realistic about how tedious the intricacies of design work can be, be able to research and study relevant topics, understand the importance of debate, and have a good general background knowledge in as many of the following topics as possible;  biology, physics, chemistry, science fiction, fiction, mythology, religion, sociology, psychology, art, architecture, construction, blacksmithing, animal training, history, weaponry, metals, carpentry, art, music, cooking, sculpting, carving, skinning, sewing, engineering, philosophy, electrics, medicine, and etc.


Sound Designers

     We are presently on the lookout for a couple of sound designers to join our audio team. Our audio lead is a flexible and relaxed kind of person and our composers do bits and pieces of Foley and sound design in their spare time. Likewise, sound designers would be welcome to work on music and other audio elements with the rest of the team should they wish to do so. Candidates should be able to present some form of portfolio, and have a good attitude to working in a team as a collaborative effort. Sound is particularly important to Codename Reality as immersion is one of our top priorities.


2D Artists

   Our Project requires a significant amount of art work and many of the game play elements are fairly graphical in nature. Landscape, character, creature, materia, GUI, and concept artists are all required. Candidates should have a few examples of their better quality work to hand.


3D Artists/Modellers

    As with any 3D game, we require modellers. We are looking for both sundries, such as ink-pots and wheelbarrows, and characters/creatures alike. Ability to rig and texture would be advantageous, as would basic ability with animation, though not necessarily required. For those still learning to model we would say get in touch anyway, our 3D lead is more than happy to help and advise you.


3D Animators

    More or less the same story as with the 3D modellers, we will always require animators. We are looking for gameplay animation at this stage, such as movement and abilities, so while advantageous, cinematic level animation ability is not required. Ability to rig also would be advantageous, as would basic ability with modelling, though not necessarily required. 



    We currently have space on our Code Team, and are looking for programmers to join us. What we require is fluency in a programming language, and a willingness to learn C++ if not already known. Our code team is happy to teach as you work together.


UI/UX/UIX Designers

Codename Reality, like all games, naturally requires a series of user interfaces. On top of this however, our design team has produced the requirement for several other UI's for a variety of nifty and interesting uses, largely to do with the crafting systems. We require people with a knowledge and interest in designing and building these interfaces across the spectrum of the visual elements and the programming behind them.


Game testers (bug check)

No sufficiently complex program is built perfectly first time around. For this reason, we are looking to maintain a small test team throughout the entirety of the project to do our best at delivering a smooth and well performing package in the end. Candidates should understand the reality of games testing, and how quickly it can become repetitive and, for some, monotonous. Candidates should be able to express bugs and glitches found in a clear and concise manner. For those looking to gain some experience in bug testing with aims of pursuing careers as games testers, our test lead is happy to train team members.


Marketing Team

We here at Orode Productions are looking for passionate people who are skilled in attracting players, writing and producing blog posts and updates, and sharing the story of the project with the community. You will be in charge of creating marketing plans and implementing strategies to increase the knowledge of our projects to external entities. If you have the skills and share our passion for our games, then please consider joining our team!


Company Spokesperson

One of the key areas that we really need to round out as the interest in our games grow exponentially is customer relations and community engagement. This is a position where customer service is king and is usually the first point of contact between a customer and the company. Candidates should have basic customer service skills, be passionate about our projects, and be able to engage community members in fun and entertaining events with the Codename Reality team members.


Financial Manager/ Business Analyst

We are searching for an experienced Financial Manager/Business Analyst that can provide accurate estimates on costs, pricing strategies, and key company data and present that information in a tactile way that the company directors can use to make sound financial decisions to meet the objectives of the company. Additionally, should have the ability to compile this information and present it in a clean and clear package to investors. Our ideal candidate can work autonomously to give us an accurate representation of the state of the company, as well as provide appropriate time and input into the decision making processes with using the company’s assets.


Accountant/ Bookkeeper/ Controller

(Future Position); One of the core positions that we need to fill, the bookkeeper will be a key asset in properly maintaining the day to day business of the company. A candidate must be able to work closely with our financial analyst and legal team to create and analyze financial reports and ensure legal requirements compliance, process accounts payable and receivable, manage invoices and tax payments. The candidate should also hold a finance or accounting degree or have prior related experience, and be reliable and committed to consistently meeting deadlines.


Web Developer

Our website is one of the first connections people have with the project outside of social media posts. Our goal is to provide the best introduction to the project that we can, and that requires a great website. This role is expected to bring an eye for design, along with practical web development abilities. You will work closely with our graphic designers, marketing team, and other internal stakeholders to bring to life our brand, projects, story, and other website content via the code you write.


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Thank you for your interest, we will hopefully be in touch soon. Please, feel free to contact us via http://www.facebook.com/CodenameReality or info@codenamereality.com if you have any questions.