(Art by Alice Boewe)


‘Being dead isn’t so bad actually. I will get used to this. In all honesty, I had my doubts about the bond between Aal’eiria and I, but she’s managed to bring me back while keeping my mind intact. I mean, the actual dying bit sucked, obviously. But then again, what had I expected? Terminal means death. Terminal disease, terminal plummet, terminal sentence. Looks like terminal just meant different life. It'’s quite interesting how most races don’t see the light after the tunnel, but the Sia’d most certainly do, and I’m the… well, not living, but proof. I wish someone had told me, maybe I would have just ended it rather than slogging through the long process of dying. But oh well! Existentialism has no place once your heart’s stopped beating.’

At the moment of this thought, a voice in the back of his head echoed; “Oh for crying out loud Riie’hd, even post-mortem you’re still a sarcastic piece of work! Get your limbs together and meet me in the dining.” Sighing, Riie’hd strapped his left arm to his body, grabbed his cane, and hobbled to the dining room. ‘Going to make me watch you enjoy a roast again Aal’eiria?’ She looked at him pointedly, raised an eyebrow, and turned back to her work. “Up until today you could have eaten them yourself you know… Give me a few days to adjust to the fact that I’ll be cooking for one from now on”. Riie’hd tried to laugh, resulting in nothing but his mouth opening. ‘...Ah. Right. Can’t talk, great! What I was about to say, is that you’ll still get the privilege of my presence at your table. ...You know what this means right? I don’t have to talk to the inlaws anymore.’ Riie’hd grinned at her, misty eyes making for a rather disturbing expression. “... Please don’t ever do that again Riie’hd.” It was at this point that Riie’hd realised the real struggle of being dead would be; Not being able to laugh.