Joey  van  Gangelen

Project Lead

It all started with me as a twelve year old autistic kid with a huge fascination for digital worlds. I found the games that existed back then rather disappointing. A lot of moments inside those games broke the immersion. It was due to this frustration that I started exploring the world of game development. After graduating from the International Game Architecture & Design course in Breda, Netherlands, I finally get to show you my dream. A world where every action and every event takes immersion to a new level and makes you feel like you are truly experiencing a world of its own.


Ross  Thomas  McShane  McEwan

Design Lead

I was a late addition to the team, it actually started from the comments on a post asking the community for any race ideas. There were several good ones in there and a couple in particular which had a fantastic idea but shoddy implementation or simply a lack of backstory entirely.. so long story short I put my tuppence worth in and then after a conversation with Joey Van Gangelen, the team seemed to like my angle and I was brought on board. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of working with most of the team to flesh out ideas and mechanics in a way which makes them immersive, lore correct and functional for our players. Largely I’ve been building up our selection of races, bestiary and working on the crafting and construction mechanics. I think what helps is that I’ve always been an avid gamer, have done a lot of writing over the years for a hobby and have a very basic understanding of game mechanics/programming and I have always wanted to be a game designer, I just never thought there was any chance it would actually happen, and I can’t express how grateful I am to the rest of the team for the opportunity they have given me.


Simon Brandt

Legal Lead

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